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Wine - MSR Ficlet

Title: Wine
Fandom: The X-Files
Characters: Mulder/Scully
Table: Table 2
Prompt:# 96 - wine
Word Count: 643
Rating: PG
Summary: Sun, wine and MSR
Author's Notes: Lemme go ahead and throw the Disclaimer in here, NOT MINE. Kk don thx.
I'll be the first to admit that sometimes I can't stand how long it takes Mulder and Scully to do the “Naked pretzel”, but sometimes I rather enjoy the slow steady pace they set for themselves. Can I be to Having the Feedbackz plz? I am a pretend amateur writer at best. Had no beta on this ficlet.

“So take this wine and drink with me
let's delay our misery”
Save Tonight, Eagle Eye Cherry

Dana Scully inhaled deeply, her eyes closed, and her back pressed against the oak tree her legs stretched out in front, petite ankles crossed.. She wanted to remember this. His eyes were soft and drooping lazily as they roved over her face. The scent of berry wine was all around them and she knew her face was flushed. His fingers touched, grazed the back of her hand leaving scorch marks on her skin. The wind tousled his hair; he laughed with her as his tie streamed out around them like a flag. White teeth flashing, his smile brighter than the windy spring afternoon.

It had rained for days, and both her and Mulder had watched it for days, and now, now there was sun. They were stir crazy, she knew that's what this was, and she couldn't have cared less. She felt the damp earth under her palms. It was really too soon after the rains to be sitting on the ground in the park. But Mulder had shown up with that green label-less bottle and a bad boy grin. He'd opened those soft pink lips, and begun to persuade her to play hookey in an almost nervous fashion. He hadn't had to continue or worry, he'd had her at “I was under the impression you were sent to spy on me”. His hazel eyes had winded minutely at her easy acquiesce. She'd fought the urge to kiss his cheek softly, to just dart forward and press her lips to his soft chiseled jaw line.

Now she sat in filtering light, and the scent of fermentation, and fought the desire again. He was talking about the chemical composition of the sun. She let her head tilt back and looked up at the sky through their emerald shelter. Astrophysics was never her thing. She listened to him through her wine induced haze, letting her eyes rove his face. He took a swig of the bottle and passed it to her, and she did the same. To her surprise it was almost gone. She took another drink and handed the bottle back. Her fingers clutched at the soft grass around them. She slid her hand over till it gripped the earth next to his, quietly gathering the courage she needed. Slowly, her hand slid up and over his, fingers almost skating forward on their own, up and over his bared forearm to stop at his shirt sleeve while her body still turned towards him. He stopped talking with his mouth and started with his eyes. That was his problem, she decided, he never shut up. She leaned forward slowly, and his body imitated hers.

When her lips touched his, she tasted sunshine, mint, and berries. She pulled back, so their half lidded gazes could meet. His eyes dropped back to the pink of her mouth and slowly they leaned in, lips touching again, mouths parting and tongues sliding. It was slow, it was sweet and she never wanted to leave this place. The bottle pressed between their sides, hands rising to slide and fingernails to scrap through hair. The kiss was much like their relationship, slow and building, trusting and strong.

The position was too awkward to be comfortable for long. She knew they would separate soon, and acknowledge what had happened without comment. She didn't know when they would kiss again, it had taken two months since he'd bent down and kissed her on new years eve. The future was as uncertain as always, and dangerous paths were shadowed by mistakes of the past, and crimes not yet committed. But this, this was now, and the sun whipped wind rustled the canopy above. A bee buzzed by their empty sticky sweet bottle, and the wet earth pressed coolly against their legs. In this moment they were perfect, and the kisses spiraled on forever.