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Oh shit first attempt ficlet MSR

Title: Shelter
Author: Fidella (R.M.Fidella@hotmail.com)
Rating: PG13
Categories: Light MulderTorture (I guess....) MSR
Summary: Sometimes the only place we can escape
the present is in the past.
Authors Note: I'm new to writing x-files, but
better late than never. Warning!! This could be
utter crap. I have no beta and no idea if I can
even write. BizZaro format due to several goings
on at the same time. I should get two monitors. D=
Feedback, yes please. Constructive is preferred.
Disclaimer: (to the tune of this old man...if I have my children's songs right. Or maybe it's the Barney theme song.)
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have Mulder and Scully in bed tonight.
But they're not here; Chris Carters called,
I guess they're not mine after all.

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I've decided to sign up with the xf_bigbang community. I had hoped to participate by submitting a novel length fic I've been working on, but damn if I didn't find them ten days too late. D= On the bright side, I can still join with the artist! Yay! I'm actually really freaking nervous, seeing as I don't do much community wise on LJ. I generally keep to myself, so we'll see how this goes.
I should probably update my DA, in case someone decides to look at it.

Inferno, Pen Stand, Drabbles

The Inferno- Working on it I swears to god. Almost done and ready to update. Things just keep popping up. As they say RL happens right? However the next chapter should be up by the end of the week if not tomorrow.

The Pen Stand- Okay this will be coming up sometime in the near future. It's a story with a much happier over tone to it. It'll pretty much be a series of 500 to 1000 word drabbles. As far as can tell right now anyways. Eh-heh.

Drabbles- Recently joined dmhgchallenge and will be posting in this months challenge. Yay.

Other than that I'm just chasing my tail with this whole "higher education" thing I've been doing for the past freaking three years. No where near how far I should be. Community college is where dreams go to die.
Which reminds me, I have class in about twenty minutes.

HBP Fantastic!

Just have to post my love for HBP.
So I am completely broke now. I spent all the money I had left on going to see that movie at midnight, and to be honest, I couldn't be happier! That coupled with Emma saying she had a crush on Tom Felton, and Tom saying he read D/Hr fanfiction has sent my fangirly heart through the roof.

It didn't hurt that the movie was pretty awesome. I think the best part about it was Draco. The entire movie I wanted to get up and hug him.
Poor poor malfoy.I have to say though I disagree intensly with the narcissa looked but what are you going to do I guess. *sigh* I love the Malfoys.

oh noes! all this fangirl stuff has made me start...crushing...on a celebrity. Gah. I hate when that happens, cause you know it's never gonna happen. *sobs* But yeah I went and looked googles Jade because everyone says really horrible things about her. I couldn't find any evidence that shes a horrble person but maybe I missed something.
I dunno.

Where are my damn cheese cubes!?

Alright so here it is: I'm having issues writting. I'll finish the next chapter of The inferno, everything seems right, the world is good, the sun is shinning, and then I re-read it and bam it sucks and I HAVE to delete it or someone will read the damn thing and know how much I fail.
Gah. My characters feel flat, the plot is see through and the whole thing feels so OOC that it irritates the crap out of me. Augh!


I'm not even good enough a writer to have writers block! This is ridiculous.
I'm going to find inspiration. I think I might pelt rich people with cheese cubes. Thats always funny.
Or I could just watch Tom Felton vids. Thats always nice. Mmhmm.
Tom Felton-any goodness.

Right well then

Been a while since I've posted here. Normally I just use this thing after fate takes it's annual swipe at my face, claws fully extended. However I plan to start using this to keep myself motivated with my writing so I've shoved everything closet worthy to private settings and am trying to re aquatint myself with talking to virtual walls.
Because that was this is for me. Not many people stop by here, which is for the best since I am in fact an evil snarky bitch. Well I like to think I am. My darling told me I had all the evil qualities of my strawberry fields cake and a pitcher of sweet tea.
However I'm rather good at being a devious woman, and if he knew that then, well, I wouldn't be very good at it would I.

Right now I'm working on a what will eventually be a Hg/dm fic, however it also contains LM/SS because I love my gay men. Don't bash it or I'll electrically fry your brain with psychic energy via the interwebs. First posting is going up on FF.net and possibly Fiction Alley. I started this fic a while ago but stopped due to an overly opressive school schedule, thankfully though it's summer break, and while I am still in school, it's only one class so I have much more free time. I also quit my second job because my boss was a pig headed bitch.

You can find the first chapter of The Inferno here :
I'll probably have to move it though, I'm predicting NC-17 in the future.


So I've started...

Marrach by Damiana. This should be good. I've been excited to read this fic for a while.
I was warned that it might be a bit dark to begin with, but well look at who we're dealing with here. Who would really expect anything less.

I love you Severus.

another HGxSS thought

While part of me acknowledges the fact that it is incredibly wrong of me to read someones work, say no You suck at writing, this is how you do it, and then to never actually post a fic of my own, while part of me sees the hypocrisy in that, I can't help it if the story was utter crap.Of course not every fanfiction is going to be a work of art. It just doesn't work that way, and I'm not expecting it to, but seriously people. Half the fics one comes across these days makes my teacher senses scream "PLAGIARIZED" because they all sound EXACTLY THE SAME.
And another thing that's started bugging me since I began trolling the sites for decent NEW material to entertain myself with. Has it occurred to any of these people that snapes actually got greasy hair? and a big nose? Does it really make it that much more acceptable to feeble vain little minds that Hermione all of a sudden Notice how not at all like SEVERUS SNAPE he is? People if you liking snape requires that he not be himself, I think you might be missing the true essence of what it is for her to fall in love with the man. A reason I liked A Matter of Honor - he couldn't understand why she loved him, because h knew he was still a snarky dark bastard. Not saying he can't have a soft side he shows to her, I'm just saying, Hermione walking along diagon alley, all of a sudden Sev appears, and hes out of no where so attractive, his skins not sallow just light, and greasy hair? no it's just shiny. Theres a difference between shiny and greasy, and believe me, she would have noticed in seven years that it's not greasy. Shes not stupid. It's like Alan Rickman approaching me and asking for my number because h happened to notice me. From his house in the hills. (I live in Texas. The only hills we have do not house movie stars)

In the end, I'm simply requesting that the brave souls that post there work for others to tear down int he hopes of making it better, please, please, develop some originality, and if you must use a stero-typical plot, try not to change Hermione and Severus's world to fit your simplistic view of an acceptable looking relationship.

sincerely yours,
Fidella (<---snarky bitch)

damn layouts

so I've been sitting here for almost two hours now trying to make this damnable profile look decent and it's just not working. I don't understand S2 at all, and the premade S1 stuff I found isn't functioning right either. If I could just get someone to fix it for me. =O

Hermione / Severus

I recently had the pleasure of rediscovering the joys of Hermione / Severus fanfiction.
It's funny but I really think that HG/SS fiction should have two different geners to start off with. Hermione/ Severus and Hermione/ Snape. The latter is often the type of fiction to portray a badly written school girl who gets her happy ever after with the forbidden dreaded Snape, and snape falls for the pretty young thing in the few short days the shallowly written plot can provide.
To be frank those type of fanfics have a place and time, and I have enjoyed one or two of them myself, but I rather prefer the Hermione/Severus fics. Such as fire and the rose, or, thanks to the HGxSS community A matter of Honor. I had not yet read the fic myself, it must have disappeared before I switched over to HG/SS. I was a very big HP/SS (the Mirror of Maybe stole my heart. I will forever hate her for not finishing that fic, as will a large group of people who appreciate intricate and thoughtful writing)

Unfortunately I only ever use this LJ to weep my heart out in the most disgusting displays of emotion, so I decided its about high time I used this thing for something I enjoy. Hence, I will be attempting to join the HGxSS community.